New television series obsession.




So after my recent relapse in regard to trashy reality television I am attempting to redeem myself by reading some decent literature. It took me a day and a half to read The Kite Runner. Let’s see how long it takes me to get through this one…

No hot water…


When my hot water heater decided to no longer function this weekend, I learned that it takes many, many pots of boiling water to fill even half of a small bath tub 😦



In order to fully understand this post, it will require some background. My hockey team is at the bottom of our league despite an immense amount of talent. We consistently struggle to win games and today, along with the pressure to win so we can move out of the relegation zone, we had the added joy of not having a goaltender which resulted in a field player with no goaltending experience having to put on the pads and stand in the cage. The result? 2-0 win.  I’ve given up on attempting rationalization. 

Re: London Calling


Was just introduced to this new app ‘Viber’. It is free to download and let’s you make phone calls and send messages to anyone else who has the app anywhere in the world for FREE! This might work out better than my red phone box method…

London Calling


Glad I can still keep in touch with people back in the states. Unfortunately, this only works when my friends are in the UK section of Epcot at Disney World in Orlando Florida.